Erskineville Public School

On Thursday the 31st of May and Tuesday 5th June we went to Erskineville Public School to teach the year 1 and 2 students all about scooter safety. What a great school! A real community driven learning environment. The students were extremely polite and were a joy to to teach. We had a great area to set up our drills at the front of the school.

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Many of the students have scooters so were competent riders already. We can cater to all skill levels so with quite an advanced group such as this our aim was to focus on braking ability: there are various methods of slowing down or stopping for different situations. We also try to improve each child’s natural balance by riding with the un-natural foot forward. We also include mini-slalom courses so that the ability to control the scooter is enhanced.

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Overall we had a fantastic time teaching the kids at Erskineville Public School all about scooter safety!


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  1. My son Gus came home thrilled to have participated in the safe scooter workshop. Thanks for your enthusiasm and well organised program.