Australia Street Infants School

What better way is there to get through ‘Hump Day’ than some Scooter Safety classes!  At Australia Street Infants School we had 3 classes throughout the day of very keen scooter riders. The Red, Purple and Green Dragons!

From the time we were setting up early in the morning we noticed many students ride their scooters to school.  By morning assembly the scooter and bike racks were full! In what could be described as a bustling area, safety befomes even more important.  All of our groups really embraced what we were teaching which is great to see.  We also had lots of positive feedback from parents at the end of the day as well which is very encouraging.

All in all, we had a great time at Australia Street Infants School and would like to thank the Year 1 and 2 Teachers, Principal and staff for helping us to run a successful program.

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