On the day

What happens on the day?

Through a successful, tried and tested curriculum of fun practical workshops and games, children learn safety rules they can rely on to ensure they know how to scoot safely, respect pedestrians and understand and obey the right of way rules.

Children learn the functions and importance of the helmet, elbow and knee pads. They learn new practical techniques, such as braking correctly, curving and controlling falls to help prevent injury.  They practice stopping and slowing so they know what to do before a driveway or an intersection.

Fun techniques such as leg swapping, balance and slalom manoeuvers are aimed at improving balance and co-ordination which, in turn, further promote the children’s safety on their scooters.

All the children are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. A scooter and all other relevant material is provided courtesy of micro® scooters.

The children learn that only by respecting the rules and having the appropriate equipment can they avoid injury and accidents.


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