Glenmore Road Public School

On what had originally promised to be a very cold May Monday morning, the sun came out to shine as we ran our Scooter Safety classes at the Glenmore Road Public School in Paddington.

We had some very keen onlookers (both students and parents) as we set up prior to commencing. The great thing about riding scooters is that it is a great way for the family to get outdoors and enjoy a shared activity.

  • Glenmore Road Year 2 - Session 1 Glenmore Road Year 2 - Session 1
  • Warm-up before the fun starts Warm-up before the fun starts
  • Great listening kids! Great listening kids!
  • Glenmore Road Year 2 - Session 2 (Group 1) Glenmore Road Year 2 - Session 2 (Group 1)
  • Glenmore Road Year 2 - Session 2 (Group 2) Glenmore Road Year 2 - Session 2 (Group 2)
  • Hi-Five! Hi-Five!
  • Resting.... Resting....
  • Great style! Great style!

We had two classes of Year 2 students: 25 and then 20. What we usually do in class numbers of this size is split up into two groups and while one group is doing the particular activity or drill the other is observing.

We always give real life scenarios to give reason to the particular drill we are doing. We try to include as much practical road and footpath safety as possible but still have fun doing it. We incorporate this with our 10 Golden Rules. It is great to see the kids take all of this in and answer the little quiz style questions we have at the end of the session.

We had a great time at Glenmore Road Public School – and  the basketball/netball court was a perfect location to run our Scooter Safety Program. Keep up the great work kids!

We hope to be back there next year to teach the 2013 Year 2 students some important skills.

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